About Eruptz
Where Entertainment, Art & Business Connect! We are here to h

About Eruptz

Eruptz came from the idea of giving back to everyone Erupt Studios has worked with a platform that enables Businesses, Artists, Event Organizers and anyone else imaginable to promote and grow their brands and reach new audiences! Whether you are a customer looking for the latest products to hit the markets, upcoming events from your favorite bands or a new brand/business with unique product or service that might benefit you in every day life.

Who can benefit from Eruptz

Virtually anyone! The concept is no matter if your just a consumer or even a business owner that you may have a holiday promotion or company event coming up and might be interesting in booking live entertainment or catering or anything else for that matter. Having so many of our close partners and friends ask "Do you know someone for this or that" it only made sense to transform this into a full on social network where ANYONE might be able to simply connect and find that specific thing you were looking for.


Is ERUPTZ your typical "Social Network"

Short answer is NO. Simply because the main focus is for people to connect to not only one another but moreso Brands & Businesses. While with any group of people that connects online socially may be considered a "Social Network" the typical use of social sites like posting "Memes" and "Personal Updates" is not the main focus. As an example instead of posting on YOUR timeline about something cute your pet did, it might be more benificial to post the youtube video link or Instagram Photo to a Pet Food or Supply Company in hopes that in return by providing them content they use it in their promotional marketing & advertising and then you yourself will get credited or even possibly compnesated.