Turn-Mill Compound manufacturers

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Turn-Mill Compound manufacturersTurn-Mill Compound manufacturersTurn-Mill Compound manufacturers

Turn-Mill Compound manufacturers Product Introduction Many parts in medical, automotive and aviation fields are turn milling parts, which usually have high precision requirements. More than 95% of our products are exported, mainly to European countries. We maintain close contact with our customers and have been highly praised. Specifications Business Type:Factory Material:Steel, Stainless Steel鈥?/p Surface Treatment:Plating, Zinc plating鈥?/p Drawing formatSTEP,STP,GIS,CAD,PDF,DWG,DXF etc. Origin:China Tolerance:+/-0.05mm Our service process and advantages 1. Advanced production equipment and professional technicians 2. We have a professional service team 3. High quality and pretty surface 4. Professional solutions FAQ Q1. What if there is no accurate drawing? A1: You can roughly draw a drawing and tell us the exact digital size. Q2. Can you send samples for testing before mass production? A2: Of course, we understand your thoughts. Q3. My drawings won't be leaked, will they? A3: We will not disclose the drawings. We promise to protect the privacy of our customers. Q4. Where can I get product price information? A4: You can send us with an email, once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you immediately. Q5. How about the MOQ? A5: It depends on your need, also, we welcome trial order before mass-production.Turn-Mill Compound manufacturers website:http://www.pft-cncmachining.com/cnc-machining/turn-mill-compound/