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wholesale Organic Herbal Extract wholesale Organic Herbal Extract

wholesale Organic Herbal Extract Description Organic wheat grass powder is a green powder made by microwave drying of young wheat leaves and air pulverization at low temperature (0鈩兟?鈩?. Wheat grass are rich in plant protein, chlorophyll, antioxidant enzyme, dietary fiber and other nutrients. Organic Wheat grasss powder is a super food containing more than 140 kinds of nutrients. Among all green plants, it is a natural food rich in the best active enzymes,minerals,vitamins, chlorophyll, fiber, and essential amino acids and trace elements for human body. The human body needs a wealth of nutrients to circulate the blood optimally,and wheat seedlings provide them. Its chlorophyll content is similar to that of blood in a healthy body, so wheat juice is also called "green blood" and provides the balance of nutrients needed for human activities. Wheat seedlings are a complete food and contain a high amount of protein, more than meat, eggs and fish. SpragueCrampton and Harris reported that wheat seedlings contained 75 minerals, including calcium,iron, selenium, manganese, potassium, sulfur,phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, cobalt and zinc, respectively. In addition, contains superoxide dismutase (SOD) and other biological active substances, to enhance the human body immunity, delay aging, anti-fatigue, promote microcirculation have a positive effect, through the medical research shows that it has anti-cancer, liver protection, enhance cell vitality, hypoglycemia and other health care effects. Specification Product nameOrganic Wheat Grass Powder Country of OriginChina Origin of plantTriticum aestivum L. PHYSICAL / CHEMICAL AppearanceClean, fine powder ColorGreen Taste OdorCharacteristic from original Barley Grass Particle Size200Mesh Moisture,g/100g12% Ash (dry basis),g/100g8% Dry Ratio12:1 Total Heavy Metals 10PPM Pb2PPM As1PPM Cd1PPM Hg1PPM Pesticide ResidueComplies with NOP EOS organic standard MICROBIOLOGICAL TPC (CFU/G)10000 cfu/g Yeast Mould 50cfu/g Enterobacteriaceae10 cfu/g Coliforms10 cfu/g Pathogenic BacteriaNegative Listeria monocytogenesNegative SalmonellaNegative StaphylococcusNegative AFLATOXIN (B1+B2+G1+G2)10PPB BAP10PPB StorageCool, Dry, Darkness, Ventilative Package25kg/paper bag or carton Shelf life24 months Function 1. Resist the breeding of cancer cells, remove lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, copper and other toxic metals in the body 2. Balance blood sugar, clear liver, reduce hypertension 3. Remove all kinds of toxins, promote blood circulation, increase capillary, hairdressing and anti-aging effect 4. Boost immunity. Organic Wheat grasss powder is rich in plant protein, chlorophyll, antioxidant enzyme, dietary fiber and other nutritional elements, in addition, wheat seedling powder contains superoxide dismutase (SOD) and other biological active substances, wheat seedling powder has a positive effect on human body to enhance immunity, delay aging, anti-fatigue, promote microcirculation. 5. Organic wheat grass powder cleans the blood and helps cells regenerate, slowing aging. Make people more energetic. Wheat flour also helps tighten sagging skin for a cosmetic effect. 6. Organic wheat grass powder contains antioxidant substances, wheat seedling powder enzyme can reduce arthritis, can promote the repair of the heart, kidney, pancreas and other tissues, especially gastrointestinal tissue; The antioxidants in wheat flour also inhibit early cancers. 7. The prevention of iron deficiency. Application 1. Used in food 2. Used in Pharmacy 3. Used in health care product Certificates Package Shipment 25kg/carton 1-200kg by express(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/TNT China) Over 200kg by sea or air Our Company and Factory Yuantai Organic is a leading professional company devoting to natural organic food products since 2014. Professional Operator of Organic Food Ingredients Your Reliable Supplier of Organic Products. Our product range is including but is not limited to: Natural food supplement-Pea protein/Rice/Brown rice/Hemp... Natural Dehydrated vegetables-Beet root powder/Kale/Ginkgo Leaf... Natural Herbal Extract Powder-Angelica/Astragalus/Fo-ti/Goji Berry/Reishi Mushroom... Natural Flower Tea-Chrysan Themun flower/Ginkgo leaf/Jasmine flower/Rose... We are GMP,KOSHER,HALAL,HACCP and ISO certificated. We always adhere to the faith "Quality above everything". We attached great importance to the requirements of our customers. We will supply you good quality products and service. Welcome to your inquiry. Looking forward cooperating with you.wholesale Organic Herbal Extract website:http://www.sxytorganic.com/organic-food-supplement/